Create Recalls in a More Effective Way

Defective products can negatively affect the image of any corporation, so recalling them as quickly as possible is a critical task. This innovative technology will make any recall process easier and faster, protecting both company and customer.

Track All Communications

One of the most pressing issues with recalls is lack of communication that leads to many defective products going unnoticed or getting lost. With our application, communication capabilities are greatly increased, resulting less lost recalls and reduced costs for your company.

For Consumers

  • Consumers need to contact neither the customer support team nor the service centres to know about the defective products and its details. Registered users will receive SMS and email notifications on defective products. This feature saves time of the consumers.
  • They can also view the history of recalled products using this app. This feature helps the Consumers in a greater way and prevents them from buying the products that are recalled already.
  • Consumers can also view the defects of multiple products using this app.

For Manufacturers

  • Recallalarms is a boon to the Manufacturers as it saves face and reputation.
  • The manufacturers can reach the Consumers through the retailers via Recallalarms application.
  • History of recalled products benefits Manufacturers to reduce recalls and save costs

Recall Categories

Motor Vehicles
Child Safety Seat