“Recall products in less time, prevent Disasters in real time”


  1. Create campaigns for each Recalled product.

    Tracking recalled products is difficult; tracking multiple recalls is a nightmare. We made it easy by providing an option of creating unique campaigns for each recalled product.
  2. Import consumer data or simply connect your purchase data storage to the Recall System.

    Instead of engaging with tech team for support in uploading or handling data; business team can take control by importing data or selecting data from the connected databases.
  3. Reach Precisely

    With the flexibility of connecting your database with the system; you can swiftly select and raise Recallalarms to targeted consumers precisely via email & SMS.
  4. Track returns real-time in numbers, quantity and percentages.

    Track returns real-time and avoid sending recall alerts to the consumer who already responded and returned the product. You can track returns in number, quantity and percentages.
  5. Next level campaigns to reach unresponsive consumers.

    Handle unresponsive consumers via calling activity or defining more in-depth email and SMS alerts.
  6. Adhere Regulations and Compliances and save hefty penalties.

    Show your empathy to the society by generating reports and at the same time maintain records as proofs for future use.

For Consumers:

  1. Consumers need to contact neither the customer support team nor the service centres to know about the defective products and its details. Registered users will receive SMS and email notifications on defective products. This feature saves time of the consumers.
  2. They can also view the history of recalled products using this app. This feature helps the Consumers in a greater way and prevents them from buying the products that are recalled already.
  3. Consumers can also view the defects of multiple products using this app.

For Retailers:

  1. Retailers can reach the consumers instantly and easily through this app and they can send the updates on defective products via SMS and email notification to the Consumers.
  2. This app also helps the retailers to track the defect of multiple products/goods.

For Manufacturers:

  1. Recallalarms is a boon to the Manufacturers as it saves face and reputation.
  2. The manufacturers can reach the Consumers through the retailers via Recallalarms application.
  3. History of recalled products benefits Manufacturers to reduce recalls and save costs


  • It is a platform that help retailers to track recalled products and address the consumers affected with defective goods.
  • Using this platform, recalls can be localized and hence ensure the company’s reputation does not get affected and issues can be resolved appropriately.
  • Unique platform in which consumers can report about the defect that may represent any hazard.
  • Recallalarms enables instant feedback from customers that will enable retailers to handle similar issues in the future.
  • This app provides a history of recalled products and helps you resolve the reason which has resulted defective goods in first place. This benefits company to reduce recalls and save costs.
  • Registered Customers can receive updates on the defective products via SMS/email.
  • Defective products can be recalled by the Retailers diligently using Recallalarms app.
  • Recallalarms replaces customer service teams that are required to send notifications via SMS/emails on defective products to the Consumers.
  • Retailers can also track multiple defective products using this app.

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