Recallalarms is the platform that saves the mankind from the negative impact of defective goods. The consumers, the retailers and the manufacturers are benefitted by Recallalarms. This application plays a vital role in protecting the consumers and the reputation of the manufacturers.

Retailers can perform better tracking of recalled products and contact affected customers within shorter time frames.

Retrieve defective products from consumers and give them a proper compensation with our innovative Recallalarms platform. Announce any kind of danger on edible products and make sure customers discard of them accordingly. The app allows you to finish the process by giving customers a refund or replacement, allowing your company to save face and protect its reputation.

Create Recalls in a More Effective Way

We’ve developed an application where customers can report a product defect that may represent a hazard for consumers. Defective products can negatively affect the image of any corporation, so recalling them as quickly as possible is a critical task. This innovative technology will make any recall process easier and faster, protecting both company and customer.

Enable Feedback in Real Time

With optimized Recallalarms, negligence disappears and retailers can work more fluently when it comes to products that are out in the market. Feedback is reported in real time and you will know what’s happening with your products and how you should respond.

Track All Communications

One of the most pressing issues with recalls is lack of communication that leads to many defective products going unnoticed or getting lost. With our application, communication capabilities are greatly increased, resulting less lost recalls and reduced costs for your company.

A Useful Platform where the Consumer is the Protagonist

Through its many features, consumers can notify the product to recall, while retailers can contact them and offer a compensation. Consumers will be notified if the retailer will provide a refund or an exchange of the product.

Finally, Recallalarms make sure that consumers health is taken well into consideration by reporting contamination on time.


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